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2013: The Year for Flexibility!

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Write This Down: Get More Flexible!

Flexibility is a personality trait often connected

to good mental health, for many reasons.

The more rigid you are about the way things

“must be done,” the less emotionally calm,

mentally healthy, and resilient to the normal

stresses and strains of life you will be.  In an

extreme form, inflexibility begins to look a

lot like Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder…

which is not much fun.  Just ask anyone

who is struggling to manage that disorder.

The Oak and The Willow

You remember the story about the Oak and

the Willow?  If not, here it is :  “One morning

after a terrible night of wind and rain, a man and

his young son went out to see if the storm had left

any damage.  The boy said to his father, “Look! The

big, strong oak tree has been uprooted and is lying on

the ground, while the weak willow tree by the stream

is still standing!  I would have thought the willow tree

was the one that would have been damaged.”  The father

replied, “Son, the oak tree was forced to fall to the ground

because it cannot bend over.  The willow tree is flexible

and gave in to the wind, bowed down, and the storm

could not destroy it.”

If You Can Bend, You Won’t Break

You’ve got a brand new year coming up : 2013!

If there is one resolution you could make that would

improve your chances of performing better at work,

having a happier relationship, and feeling emotionally

and physically healthy it would be to resolve to become

more flexible.  Why?

The Flexible Survive…

The flexible survive because they adapt to situations

more easily.  Change doesn’t throw them for a loop.

The flexible see the writing on the wall and begin to

make changes for the future, instead of hunkering

down and doing the same thing even though times

are changing and there are new demands.

The Flexible Are More Attractive…

The flexible are more attractive because they are okay

with experimenting, trying new things, and seem more

open to new roles and new ways of doing things.

The flexible don’t always need to get their way,

a hallmark of cooperation and happy relationships.

The Flexible Are Healthier…

The flexible are healthier because they react to stress

by bending and curving, instead of trying to shoulder

another burden.  They can let things drop and fall

instead of having to “manage” everything.  And

nothing has to be perfect…the flexible can be okay

with things as they are instead of as was hoped.

Flexibility in 2013!!!

So this would be a great year to get more flexible!

Mentally, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and

even physically!  Set this as your intention for

2013 and see what wonderful outcomes you get!

To help get you started, here is one of

my favorite YouTube videos:

Yoga for the Inflexible.

Here’s wishing you increased flexibility in 2013!!!  🙂


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