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Back to School

Back To School

If you haven’t been inundated yet by the backpack

displays and flyers for school supplies…get ready!

Ready or not, it’s that time of year again.

The time of year that most returning students

dread and most parents are more than ready for

…it’s Back to School time!

If you left your student days a few years

(okay, maybe decades) back, and you aren’t

packing your own kids off to school, then you

might respond with “Who cares?”

Well, maybe you should care, and here are

just a few reasons why I think this could be

an actually life-changing time of year for you.

You Are Always a Student

For one, we are all actually perpetual students

on this “earth school.”  You have more to learn

than you know right now…tell me you don’t!

So what do you say to heading back to school,

and learn something new, challenge yourself

a little, open up a new horizon for yourself.

Want to learn how to use a computer better?

Want to learn how to cook or do sign language?

Even if you just get Rosetta Stone and learn

Portuguese…it’s so good to engage those

brain cells.  It is healthy for your neurons to

be challenged to work with new stimuli…

helps to stave off Alzheimer’s and depression.

There’s a Place for You in Our Schools

Another reason to care about Back to School time

is that there is more need in our public and

private schools for volunteers to help our kids

get a good education than there are people to

fill that need.  With more and more education

budgets being cut in all states, the quality of

education for this country’s kids is now partly

dependent on whether we step forward and

become a positive presence in their schools.

Start the process of becoming a volunteer NOW,

because you’re going to have to get background

checked and fingerprinted and orientated and

all that stuff takes time!  You can make a huge

difference in a child’s life…just go and do it!

You’ve Got 5 More Months!

Last of all, back to school time is a great time of

year to get serious about those goals you have

been meaning to set but haven’t yet.  If you can’t

even remember what you said your New Years’

resolutions were, if you even made any, the good

news is you have 5 months to accomplish something

on that list (or quick…make your resolution now!)

It’s going to be 2014 in no time…actually, in about

4-5 months.  That’s plenty of time to get a good

head start on your Half Year Resolution.  All the

kids are heading back to go get something done…

how about you?  And just so you know I really do

practice what I preach : this month, I’m going to go

learn how to do circuit civil mediation.  My brain cells

may move a little slower, but I’m convinced this old

dog can learn a few new tricks yet!  And I promise to

tell you what I’ve learned…just let me know what you

have been up to!

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