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I’m Tired of Being a Survivor

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Have you survived something very
difficult in your life?
A tough childhood?
A major trauma?
An abusive marriage?
It takes a lot to go through the steps of
naming your pain and feeling your pain
and moving from being a victim of something
very traumatic or painful to being a survivor.

Just Surviving Is No Fun

The past is the past.
You were a victim in the past.
You are not a victim now.
You are a survivor.
And that is something to be proud of.
But it’s no fun just surviving, either.
You’re setting the bar too low if survival is
the only thing you’re aiming for once you are
out of the situation you have already survived.
To move past being a survivor, you need to thrive!
And to thrive, you need a whole different set of skills.

Survival Coping Skills

The coping skills you learned to help you
to survive in chaotic or traumatic times
are not going to help you to be happy and healthy
now that you are no longer in that situation.
In fact, survival coping skills will often cause
more problems now than they can solve.
Being hypervigilant, always anticipating danger
and disaster, recreating chaos because it is familiar,
not trusting others, keeping yourself closed off and
invulnerable to being harmed by others, not taking
risks, not trying anything new, always doing things
in extremes…these are some examples of survival
coping skills.

Thriving Skills

There is an entirely different set of skills required
to be happy and healthy once the priority is no
longer that you just be able to survive.
Being able to relax, trust other people, be open to
learning and trying new things, being able to let
go of the past and not worry about the future,
finding peace and balance in the middle, and
being able to be vulnerable and open with others
are some examples of thriving skills.

You Want to Be Here Now!

One of the keys to thriving involves mindful awareness.
Being able to truly be present and live today is the
last step in healing from something bad that
happened to you in the past.
You can leave the past in the past if you are
here now and enjoying being in the present.
But being in the present is not comfortable or
“allowed” if you are still just trying to survive.
You have to continue to anticipate bad things that
could happen, using your knowledge of the past.
Survival coping skills that keep you safe from
harm do not work if the goal is to thrive.

Learning A New Way of Being

How do you begin to learn thriving skills?
As in most things, practice makes (almost) perfect,
and the goal is to be comfortable with imperfection.
You must learn to stop “all or nothing” thinking,
adopt an optimistic way of perceiving yourself and the
world, become willing to take risks to learn and try new
things, and become willing to open yourself to others.
It isn’t easy.
In fact, it will feel (to a survivor) that you are
doing the “wrong” thing when you first practice a
thriving skill, because you are making yourself
vulnerable to harm, according to your survival
be-on-alert way of going through the world.
It can be so difficult to change this that I recommend
you work with a seasoned therapist who knows how
to help and support you, gently challenge and encourage
you as you learn these new thriving skills.

Bibliotherapy and Online Resources

There are many excellent resources that you can explore
online and by reading that will point you in the direction
toward learning these new thriving skills, which include
positive psychology, meditation, cognitive therapy, and
recovery from trauma.
Here are a few resources to get you started:
A Year to Change (by yours truly!)
Remember that learning thriving skills
will be one of the most life-altering
positive changes you can make.
It isn’t easy, but is worth it for you mentally,
emotionally, and it will even have physical
and medical health benefits.
Consider whether it is time for you to
do more in your life than just survive.
You truly deserve to thrive.

2 Responses to “I’m Tired of Being a Survivor”

  • karen miller:

    good post – from the Survival Queen LOL

  • AD:

    Someone mentioned this to me the other day. I have survived many things and I don’t know how to begin to thrive. I am 40 and just when I thought that my life was going to be great, it has taken a nose dive and from reading this article, I probably didn’t make it any better. So, I would like to do better now with the hopes of having a fuller “rest of my life”.

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