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Learning…the Really Sharp Way

Insanity:  Doing the same thing over and

over again and expecting different results.

~Albert Einstein

I often tell people that you cannot make a mistake

in living your own life.  It’s just not possible.

You make the best decisions and choices you can

at any given moment in time, and then you live out,

through experience, the consequences…and see if

you would do the same thing again.  Or not.

This is the basis for living, learning, and growing.

Doing the same thing over and over again, without

learning from the consequences, is not learning.

It’s Einstein’s humorous definition of insanity.

What Do You Know?

Knowing something about the choice

you are about to make should make

it a more informed choice or decision.

Having information from sources that you

trust can also make a huge difference.

And knowing what generally is right and

healthy for you, from experience, can be

one of the most important guides you have.

What Do They Know?

Growing up, I had a keen interest in

experimenting…however, that’s where the

comparison with Einstein sadly must end.

Specifically, I was interested in putting

to the test whatever it was that people had

told me that I should just “trust them” about.

I don’t think I ever “just trusted” what someone

told me…I had to learn if what they were

telling me was true from my own experience.

I feel now for my parents, who helped me to

pick up the pieces of some of my “experiments.”

Are Ginsu Knives Really Sharp?

If you’re not old enough to remember the TV

ads for Ginsu knives, they were among the first

infomercials on television.  The voiceover guy

said that they could “cut through a nail, tin can,

radiator hose, and still cut a tomato paper thin.”

As a very young kid, I was highly skeptical about

these miracle Ginsu knives.   I didn’t trust TV

advertising of any kind, having been burned when

toys I got didn’t live up to the exciting promises

made and seen on TV (thanks a lot, Sea Monkeys!)

And my parents had told me forever that I

couldn’t buy or order stuff I saw on TV,

because, in their words, “that stuff never works.”

Putting It To the Test

So, I was pretty surprised when I found that

my Mom had actually ordered a set of these

Ginsu knives, and they arrived in the mail.

Why would she buy something that wouldn’t

work?  Was it really as sharp as the ads said?

Inquiring minds wanted to know.

I bet you’re thinking that I went and got a

nail, a tin can, a radiator hose, and a tomato.

I wish I had been that smart.  But not trusting

anyone but my own self to see if these knives

were really sharp, I decided to test it out on

my finger  I kind of expected them to be

pretty dull, but I was wrong. And this is how I

learned for certain that Ginsu knives really are sharp!

My 12-Year-Old Knows This…

What kid wouldn’t know that knives are sharp?

My own daughter is a bit ahead of me in the

ability to discern potential realities and knowing

whom to trust about certain things.  She doesn’t

have this need to constantly test and prove

to herself whether what people she trusts say

is true.  She observes carefully, she learns from

others’ experiences, as well as from making her

own mistakes.

  Learning the Hard Way is Still Learning

But that was not my way.  My way was and, to

a certain extent, I fear may always be to test

and “see for myself.”  But I’m not hopeless.

I have learned over decades that it does actually

pay to use common sense, and not everything has

to be tested by me personally.  I have learned

that it’s okay to trust that some people really do

know what they’re talking about.  I have learned

the difference between unhealthy mistrust and

healthy mistrust, unhealthy trust and healthy trust.

Let’s Hear It for the Skeptics!

I will always love those who are skeptical…who need

to have things proven to them.  And any and everything

that I will ever ask a client to do or try I always say

they need to decide for themselves, at their own pace,

what is right and healthy for them…and make the

technique or tool prove it’s usefulness to them…

don’t “just trust” me.  Figure out for yourself whether

meditation, journalling, cognitive therapy, and

affirmations are really effective.

Sometimes it’s good to learn the sharp way! 🙂

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