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What Does Depression Have to Do With Bread?

I had a feeling you were going to ask me!

When you’re making bread the old-fashioned

way, using yeast, kneading dough, then putting

it in a bowl and letting it rise in a warm place…

getting bigger is exactly what you want it to do.

But if you’re dealing with Depression, the last

thing you want to do is let it get bigger and bigger.

You do NOT want to let it rise!

How Depression Rises

Laying in bed all day, watching TV, not

answering the phone, not reaching out to talk

to anyone, not getting out, not doing anything

that makes you feel productive, not eating or

drinking or thinking anything healthy…

these are all ways Depression gets a chance

to grow bigger and bigger and bigger.

Moving from the bed to the couch counts

as a move in the right direction.  Eating an

apple instead of a Pop-tart counts big time.

You Gotta Poke At It

If you want your Depression to stay somewhat

manageable, you have to keep poking at it.

Instead of letting it sit and get bigger, you have

to do things that prevent it from rising.

Now, if you are grieving a loss, you want to do

the opposite (within reason)…I’ve written all

about giving yourself the time and space to

grieve in Stop Kicking the Turtle!  Grief and

Depression might look and feel the same,

but they are entirely different things.

Keep Depression From Rising

Doing things you don’t feel like doing

(because you are depressed…duh!)

that stimulate your brain and body are

ways to “poke at” your depression and

keep it from rising.

Things like going for a walk, making a

healthy lunch or dinner, calling up a good

friend, getting outside into nature, doing

something nice for someone else…these

are things you can do to poke, poke, poke

at your Depression.

Even little pokes count!!!!

Your Depression Will Hate You

Constantly doing things to poke at your

Depression is going to really make it mad.

It might just get so frustrated with you that

it picks up and leaves, just to show you it

doesn’t need to keep taking your abuse.

It’s going to get really sick and tired of being

bugged all the time and never left in peace.

Feel free to tell it not to let the door hit it

in the rear end on the way out.   🙂

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