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Everyone is looking for a good “life hack,”

something that makes life easier and better.

Here is one that definitely does both:

it’s what I call “Decide on the Daily.”

It’s short for “decide how to get the things

done that you deal with on a daily basis.”

Here is what it means in practice.

The “Dailies”

Think of the things that you have to do

or make decisions about every day.

A short list probably includes having to

figure out when to get up in the morning,

what to eat, when to exercise, when the

most productive time is to get work done,

and when is the best time to go to bed.

These are the things that you have to do

every single day, no matter what.

The Unique

You make a thousand decisions about

other things every day, things that are

not “daily decisions.”  They are unique

in that you have to decide for the first

time that day how you are going to

handle something at work or in your

personal life.  This unique stuff is

what you want your life to be about.

Save Your Energy

Put simply, you do not want to waste

precious mental and physical time and

energy making decisions about things

that are routine and not unique.

For example, you should not be getting up

in the morning and wondering what you

are going to be having for breakfast.

That is a daily decision that you can make

and prepare for, decide once and be done

with, giving you time and energy to devote

to other more important things.

A Boost for Anti-Depressants

If you are battling depression, then deciding

on the dailies is especially important, as your

energy is at a premium…as in, you don’t have

extra energy to waste.  Trying to decide between

oatmeal and eggs in the morning could paralyze

you and you might just head back to bed.

Simplify Your Life

Think of anything you have to make a decision

about during the day, every single day.

See if you can make the decision now and

prepare to make it happen easily this week.

Buy your oatmeal, get out your workout shoes,

turn off notifications from 9-11 AM so you can

get your real work done, and head for bed

by 10 PM…if that’s what you have decided

works the best for you.

Simplify your life and watch what happens

when you have energy for other things!


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