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Coping with Morning Depression

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For those who suffer from depression,

mornings are often the worst time.

Once the day gets started, a person’s mood

usually lifts and energy will return.

But those first few moments of having

to adjust to a day when everything

feels bleak is beyond challenging.

Here are 6 proven ways to make

depressing mornings easier!

1.  Use Light to Wake Up

I’ve written before about how it’s

easier to get out of bed in the morning

if you can use light, and not just an

audible alarm, to wake you up.

You can buy a fancy light alarm clock,

or get an inexpensive timer at your

hardware store and plug your bedside

table lamp into it.  Either way, waking

up to a lighted room is easier and much

less depressing, especially during winter.

2.  Stock Your Bedside Table

Here’s what to put within arm’s reach

of your bed:  a glass of water, your

psychotropic medication(s) in a little

cup, and a low-sugar protein/energy bar.

When your alarm goes off, you open

that protein bar and eat it, then take

your meds.  Yes, you’ve got to set it

up the night before.  It will be worth it.

You don’t have to get out from under

your nice, warm blankets to let your

meds start working and get your blood

sugar stabilized to help your mood.

3.  Get an Emotional Uplift

Starting the day with depression requires

that you put other, more positive thoughts

into your mind as soon as possible.  Have

a book or list of positive affirmations, or

other inspirational material on your bedside

table to give your mind a helping hand up.

Need some ideas?  Positive Affirmations

4.  Get Moving ASAP!

It’s the last thing you want to do when you

are depressed.  It also just happens to be the

best thing you can do:  Move!  Go get your

favorite caffeine delivery system (coffee or tea)

unless that will cause anxiety symptoms to worsen.

Then hit the treadmill, bike, or take a walk.

Depression can increase body aches and pain,

so if it hurts to move, just stay in bed or drop

to the floor and do some gentle stretching.

Movement makes a huge difference in your

ability to effectively cope with depression.

5.  Don’t Think

What I mean by “Don’t Think” is that morning

is not a good time for you to ask yourself if you

really want to get up much less ponder the

meaning of it all.  This is true for everyone!

Morning is not a time to engage your brain.

Just go on autopilot for the first hour or so:

take your meds, read your affirmations,

move your body, get some caffeine,

make your bed,  head to the shower,

get dressed.  Then you can think.

Forward movement begets more forward

movement, so that’s all we’re looking for…

not good answers as to why you should get up.

Those will come later!

6.  Plan for Mornings at Night

You can see that if you’re going to have an

easier time in the morning, it helps to set

things up the night before.  This is a secret

shared by most highly functional people,

and you can use it even when depressed.

Put out your water, pills, protein bar,

affirmations, and workout clothes the

night before.  Set your coffeemaker to

go off when you want your first cup.

Make it easy on yourself.

It’s hard enough coping with depression.

You deserve to not have it any harder.


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