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Are Your Clothes Making You More Depressed?

I Don’t Know What to Wear Today

Ever have one of those days when it just takes more

energy than you have to pick out what you’re going

to wear that day?  No?  Then that’s great!

Go rock that awesome outfit and skip this post!

The rest of you…here we go back into the closet again.

No, this time, it’s not about the Thought Closet.

I’m talking about your REAL closet or drawers or hamper

or piles on the floor (you know who you are)!

Clothes and Depression

Maybe you don’t just have one  day that

you can’t figure out what to wear.

Maybe you have days at a time, or weeks, or

(geez I hope not, but I know you might) months.

You’re depressed, you’re sick, you’re tired and

so fatigued you can barely move.

And it really does take too much effort to put

together what you’re going to wear.

So you opt for the same old pair of pajamas

or sweats…and that’s getting old.

Not doing much for your depression, either.

Remember Garanimals?

Remember Garanimals for kids ?

Since the ‘70s, there has been a children’s

clothing line that coordinated tops and bottoms

by using different animal tags.  You picked a

yellow monkey tag for a top and all you had to

do was find a yellow monkey tag for the

bottom, and you were matched!

I can’t remember if you picked a blue elephant

top and tried to make it go with a yellow monkey

bottom if you would look like a clown or not!

But Garanimals made picking out appropriate

outfits easy for kids so they could do it themselves.

Garanimals for Adults

Well, we need an adult-size version of Garanimals

for when you hit a depressed patch in your life,

so you don’t have to waste even one brain cell on

trying to figure out if THIS goes with THAT.

Because how are you possibly going to mix and

match the right thing when you are having

trouble even getting out of bed and moving at all?

With a system like this, you won’t need to make

dressing yourself a major production…ever.

Get Sticky!

One solution is to get different colors of sticky

note tags and take a morning or afternoon to put

your clothes on hangers and put what works with what.

Those all go in one pile.  Then each pile goes on hangers,

and you’re going to put the little sticky note tag on the

neck of the hanger…so you have hangers with different

colored tags on them.  That way, any top with a yellow

tag on it will go with any bottom that has a yellow tag on it.

Got it?  You can use any system you like…colored ribbon,

yarn, twist-ties…whatever works for you.

Use a dresser?  Mark your drawers with different colors

and do the same thing…tops in the “yellow” drawer

will go with bottoms in the “yellow” drawer.

A Worthwhile Investment

If this process sounds overwhelming, then ask a

friend or family member to sit with you to help you

figure it out.  The time you invest in this sorting and

mixing/matching process is going to pay off BIGTIME

in the morning when you get up and you just have to

grab the same colored hangers and go.

Use Color to Shift Your Mood

You can also select outfits that are more colorful and

tag them some way that encourages you to wear those

outfits when you are depressed.  Color can change our

moods in subtle ways.  Black and dark hues are not

always the best when you’re feeling down…they may

express how you feel, but they won’t help you to feel

much better.  You deserve to make your life easier if

you’re coping with depression…I hope you will take

the time to organize your clothes so this one thing

becomes a non-hassle for you.

You deserve it!  🙂

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