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Get Ahold of Yourself!

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Anger Management

You know what to do when you get angry, right?

Count to ten, breathe, walk it off, or walk away.

Those tips and techniques really do work when

you’ve got a good old-fashioned-vanilla kind of

angry going on.  (Anger Management Tips)

The Incredible Hulk

But have you ever gotten so angry that

you felt something “snap” inside you?

Like you’re The Incredible Hulk, but instead

of turning green you’re just seeing red and you

no longer care about anyone or anything?

If so, then you know the power of destructive rage,

the hurt that it causes, the damage that can be

wreaked in your life and your relationships.

“I’m sorry” just doesn’t cut it after you’ve let

loose, but the anger seems too powerful in

the moment to reign it in before it’s too late.

Exploding Is NOT Better Than Holding It In

It’s a myth that holding anger in is worse for you

than letting it out and venting at everyone.

Destructive anger doesn’t help you or anyone else.

Yes, you need to be able to figure out where the anger

is coming from and let others know what’s going on,

but not when you’re so angry you could just spit.

Try Holding More Than Your Tongue

If you’re feeling the anger rising up from within

and it feels like you’re going to lose control of

your temper and cause mass destruction, here

is something you can try that might prevent

disaster:  Get ahold of yourself.  Literally.

First, clasp your hands in front of you, holding

them together tightly, then pull your clasped hands

toward you until they push against your stomach.

While you do this, pull your elbows in so they are

holding the sides of your body tightly.  You can do

this standing or sitting, but sitting is probably better.


You’ve just created a portable “Hug Machine!”

Calming Yourself Down

Temple Grandin, a famous adult with autism,

invented a “hug machine” to calm herself when she

was experiencing sensory overload and anxiety.

Her experiences watching cattle going through

tight chutes on the way to be branded and the way

they calmed down when the chute got so small that

it squeezed them helped her develop this unique

way to calm her nervous system when overstimulated.

You Are A Portable “Hug Machine”

Sitting down, with the chair back behind you, your

tightly clasped hands against your stomach and elbows

to your sides is the human version of a squeeze chute

or a “hug machine,” and you will notice if you do this

that just like infants will calm down when swaddled,

you also will begin to calm down.  It will feel unnatural

should you attempt to yell or scream or rage when

holding yourself this way. You’ll be straining against

yourself, which helps to put some psychological limits

on that destructive anger.  You are in control.

You are holding onto that anger, so it cannot come

out and unleash itself on anyone or anything else.

Hug the Anger Into Submission

You can sit and “hug” your anger into submission,

and when you know the rage storm has passed, you

can go about exploring what just triggered that feeling

and figure out what you want or need to do about it.

This is the real “work” of anger management that

can follow this rage management technique.

Just try to remember when your rage is building

and threatens to explode, “get ahold of yourself.”



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