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Reclaiming the Holidays

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 Bah, Humbug!

Hate the holidays? Dread Christmastime?

For people who have nothing but bad

memories of the holidays from growing up,

when this time of year rolls around, they can’t

wait for it to just roll on by as fast as possible.

Nothing But Stress?

Or maybe you don’t like the holidays mainly

because they don’t mean anything to you.

There are a lot people who are feeling very

disconnected from the holidays due to the

emphasis on materialism or on trying to

meet other’s expectations, which just

creates unnecessary stress.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.


Land Reclamation Projects

You’ve probably heard of something called

“land reclamation” projects before.  It’s when

a piece of land that is unsuitable for cultivation,

due to it being desert or marsh or from its

being abused with waste products, is restored

to being productive, useful land.

It can take time, and sometimes some resources,

but even a piece of land that has become a toxic

waste dump can be reclaimed and turned into a

beautiful park for people to use and enjoy.

Your Holiday Reclamation Project

You can reclaim the holidays.

You can take a holiday and make it your own,

clean it up, get rid of the toxic waste, purify it,

and turn it into something beautiful that can

be enjoyed by everyone, including you.

How do you do this?

1.  Decide what the holiday means to YOU!

What is the meaning behind this holiday for

you?  Is there any point in celebrating it?  Are

there any values related to this time of year that

make sense to you?  What can you get behind?

Loving? Giving? Celebrating? Contemplating?

Being with family or friends? Helping those who

have less than you do? Anything?

2. What traditions matter to YOU?

Are there any things that you did growing up

at the holidays that hold special meaning to you,

meaning that doesn’t bring back bad memories?

If so, keep them.  If not, you can make your own

traditions. You can do the holidays in any way

that is right and healthy for you and your family.

For ideas, ask your friends and co-workers what

they do to celebrate in their families.

It’s more than okay to borrow, and to modify.

3. Let your decisions come from your values.

You can decide what to do and not do this season

based on what the holiday means to you and

what traditions matter to you.

From start to finish, your choices and behaviors

can all match your values about the holiday.

If the holidays for you are a time for love and sharing,

then think about the ways you can express that.

If the holidays mean to you it’s time for setting

aside differences, being with family, or expressing

gratitude…how would that influence what you do?

Reclaim It!

Whatever you do, please consider reclaiming

the holidays for yourself…from the past, from

any toxic influence that has made them something

that you dread instead of enjoy.

You deserve to have this time to devote to

whatever matters the most to you.

Love, joy, peace, sharing, gratitude,

forgiveness, quiet, or healing.

I wish for you a happy reclaimed holiday!


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