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You’re Not Alone In the Quiet Place

Life is often hard.

Things happen that can push you down and make you wonder if it’s worth getting up again.

It might be a big thing. Like someone you love dies.
It might be a million little things going wrong all at the same time.
Over and over.

Whatever it is, sometimes you need a quiet place to go and heal.

Sometimes you need to know that everything is going to be okay.
Really okay.

If you’re hurting…
if you’re sad…
if you’re just done…
go to the quiet place.

You’re not alone.

There are a million souls there who care.
You are one of those caring souls.
I am one of those caring souls.

You can get some peace and quiet.
You can watch your worries fall away in the thoughts room.
You can hear words of encouragement in the dawn room.
You can vent anonymously.

Life is often hard and we all need help sometimes.
Sometimes it’s just you and your computer.

But that computer can open your mind,
ease your burden, lift your spirit,
and open your heart.

Here’s where to go:

the quiet place

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